Expat Probate and Expat Taxation

Expat Taxation and Expat Probate services are offered to Expats who are living abroad on a temporary or permanent basis. In recent years Huw has assisted clients with assets in Canada, USA, Spain, France, Australia and Singapore and his business partner Aled dealt with tax queries from Italy, Germany, Denmark, Hong Kong, and Oman. The expat service continues to expand each year and queries from new overseas clients
are welcomed.


Submission of Probate Returns in the UK

When an elderly parent or member of the family dies in the UK, a Probate application needs to be submitted in order that the assets may be distributed to the beneficiaries.

The procedure is broadly as follows:

  • An initial email is forwarded by the client indicating assets held along with a copy of the will.
  • I will reply with a list of queries and detailed valuations will then be forwarded to myself.
  • A draft Probate and Inheritance form will be prepared by myself and emailed to the client for checking along with an estimate of the Inheritance Tax liability.
  • On agreement of the forms / figures, signed declarations will be couriered to me along with the original will. There is no requirement to visit the UK although all clients are welcome to visit my office if they wish.
  • I will then arrange to submit the original documents to HMRC / the Probate Office for their approval.
  • Once the Probate forms are issued the estate can be distributed to the beneficiaries.

Submission of UK Tax Returns

Many former UK residents retain assets such as a rental property in the UK.  Tax returns need to be submitted to HMRC and this is a service which has been offered for many years.

Individuals often have queries relating to Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax and these can be examined and advice provided.


For both the taxation and probate work, fees are charges on a standard hourly rate. The job takes whatever it takes and a timesheet is kept for all work.

Unlike many banks and solicitors, with probate there is no further mark up based on the size of the estate.

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Client Testimonials

  • "We will let Huw do his magic with Probate"

    Comment from a partner in a firm of Independent Financial Advisers

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