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Renewing Insuarance policies

Do not renew car and home insurance policies automatically but check if you can obtain similar cover cheaper via an online comparison site. 

My car insurance quote was £100 higher, but by getting an online quote I was able to reduce the additional premium and stayed with the same insurance company.  Similarly I reduced my father’s home insurance by £80 with the help of

 Child Trust Fund

If you had children born between 2002 and 2011 the government probably paid money into a Child Trust Fund.  Many parents have forgotten / mislaid the documents.  Check your files / records to see if you have a fund.  Your child will be very grateful.

Income Tax

The Welsh Government has income tax raising powers which are available from 6 April 2019.  No details have yet been announced.  Scottish taxpayers pay an extra 1% of tax on income over £26,000.

Company Cars

If you are self employed/ running a limited company and are contemplating a greener car with under 50kgm emissions, substantial tax relief is available which could save a few thousand pounds off your tax bill.  Many of the major manufacturers have qualifying cars including BMW, Audi, VW, Hyundai, Kia etc.  For company car drivers a lower emission vehicle will save tax on your benefits in kind.

Ask Huw

My mother died some years ago and I am unable to find a copy of her probate and will details which are now needed to claim relief arising from the administration of my father’s estate.  Is there information available from government records?

If you are unable to find a probate or will document , google “search for probate records” and enter the government site.  For a fee of £10 if you enter the full name and date of death you should be able to find details of the probate documents along with a copy of the will.


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